Saturday, November 17, 2007

buttonhole scarf

you can see the hole in the middle picture. one end of the scarf slips through the hole and holds it into place. can be worn up or down, as greenleaf very nicely models.

little bird in the cinnamon tree

some christmas bird decorations i whipped up after seeing something similar at a craft show my mother-in-law and i attended. the flying frog was a gift from dan about 5 christmas's ago. he's held that place of honor since i received him but this year he's wearing a festive holiday ribbon. i LOVE christmas.

Oh Joy, Oh Bliss!

thanks to my wonderful husband and even more wonderful brother-in-law Ben, my loom is now upstairs in the living room. the move was a tough one but thankfully, no bones or beams were broken in the process. unfortunately, i did have to give up my computer. there was just no room for the computer desk and computer once the loom was put into place. oh well, i'll survive. i'll be able to use dan's laptop once in a while to update. if you need to reach me you'll have to do it through this site or my face book account. no more e mail for me. now, hi-ho, it's off to weave i go.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

honey love.

currently there are about 4 unfinished projects sitting on my kitchen table. a purse, a quilt, a tote bag, and an apron. i should be working on these, but all i really want to do is cuddle with my puppy on the couch. i mean, look at her! wouldn't you?

Friday, November 2, 2007

blue bird on my shoulder

i can't believe i finally finished it. now i just can't decide if i want to give it away, sell it, or keep it as a diaper bag for myself. i'm too close to the patient. i have emotional ties. maybe i'll let someone else decide.

fly free little birdie. fly free.

another "bird on a wire" bag. what can i say? i love birds. i've been trying to get dan to let me have one for years now. a real one. one that will sit in a cage and sing pretty for me. oh my gosh, that sounds terrible. i sound like a terrible person. what kind of person wants to keep something wild and free in a cage just so she can look at it? maybe i'll just stick to putting the birds on bags. free to rest on other people's shoulders.

soft blue bag

i might have bitten off more than i could chew with this floral design but it was fun to see what would happen. i love the colors together and the bag is really soft.

meet you at the soda fountain.

i'm so happy with how this turned out. i was inspired by this 50's style material and the felt corsage was really fun to make. the corsage is removable, so you can even wear it on a jacket or sweater.