Thursday, January 22, 2009

current projects

hat in progress

scarf done in a cross stitch knit pattern.

Monday, January 5, 2009

christmas quilt '08

quilt for baby noah that i actually started before he was born but didn't finish until this christmas. the top picture shows the front of the quilt and the bottom picture shows the skull applique and some of the back. i used 4 or 5 larger blocks for the back instead of just one piece. i really like that trend. i'm happy with how this turned out except for the edges. i ran out of suitable material and ended up having to buy some quilt binding and then to top it off my sewing machine's tension started going wack. i need both my machines tuned up. soon. anyway, it's done and out of my house. huzzah! maybe i'll finally finish soren's. nah. i got a couple years.

christmas bags '08

i bought this awesome green fabric with raised velvety leaves off a clearance rack and the butterflies i cut off another scrap piece. after i stitched on the butterflies i then stitched flight patterns. the lining fabric is also a lovely flowered scrap piece. i need to take better pictures.

this one was for my mom-in-law. i love those felt flowers. quick to stitch up and they add such a nice flair. i made my sister a similar one with a flower, different material, but forgot to take a picture.

this bag i made for finny boy. i drew up the font myself and i'm a little proud of it. every letter is a silly creature. you probably can't tell. take my word for it. i figured he could use it for the library or sleepovers. whatev.

this bag was for cindy. my dad told me her favorite color is pink. i couldn't do a completely pink bag so i lined it with a pink flowered cotton and cut out some of the flowers to stitch on the front. i also used pink thread to stitch across some of the pin stripping on the navy. i thought it was a nice touch.

christmas '08

classic but oh so stylish leg warmers.

applique t-shirt for samwise. designed by dan. sewn by me.

an old-fashioned knit bonnet for august. modeled by greenleaf who, coincidentally, recieved her own.

christmas '08

what a busy hol! as usual i waited until the absolute last second to get started. pretty much everything was done on time. hip hip. but not without a great deal of break outs and gallons of breyers ice cream. chocolate mint. only one all-nighter was necessary. i have one more bag to finish this week and i've already started a new knitting project and have a new rug on the loom. the baby has been sick since last tuesday so getting anything done has been a bit difficult. that's alright, i think i needed a little break.

above are pillows i made for steev/jess and ben/kate. i tried to fit their individual tastes but i don't know if i achieved that or not. you can only try. ben and kate's are the skull and frogs laid out for dissecting. kate said "oh i love the dancing frogs." i was like "yeah, they're dancing. that's what they're doing." i would hate to disappoint.