Saturday, August 9, 2008

ms. laurie's bag

i've been meaning to make a bag for greenleaf's kindergarten teacher for the past 6 months. i finally got around to doing it last night. i love this material and of course i enjoyed making the flower pin to go along with it. the material for the lining is also really pretty but i didn't want to post 3 pictures on this. just take my word for it.

Friday, August 8, 2008


we took greenleaf to a faerie festival last weekend. she had fun dressing up and playing with her cousins. here's the costume i made for her. it was fun taking it from a drawing into reality. i also made a costume for soren, which was completely adorable but i don't have a decent picture of it.

missing in action

i actually have been doing projects this summer but i haven't been taking pictures of them. so.....i haven't been as lazy as it seems i have. here's a recent bag that i made for my cousin-in-law's new baby girl. i received a cute bag for greenleaf a couple years ago and we use it for everthing. sleepovers, library, what have you. they come in handy.