Thursday, July 29, 2010

gots to get my folk on

lovely Dawn brought me a large box of fabric at church Sunday.  the first material i saw when i opened the box was this amazing blue cotton with a printed folk scene.  it was begging to be made into a skirt.  today i started cutting and stitching.  this is what it became. 

the image is on the front and back. i have enough fabric to make one more skirt if anyone has a little girl who would like it.  it has a unicorn on it.
gl was in a pensive mood today.

Friday, July 23, 2010

summer time and the living is lazy

i seriously had big plans for this summer.  i was going to get so much done.  i was going to be superwoman.  i feel like such a loser. 

i did end up buying this $4 suitcase from goodwill and painting it up for gl to take to camp.  it was such fun.  the lady on it looks like oprah, don't ya think?  it's not.  it was a stencil i had lying about.  the braided strand on top of the suitcase is one that greenleaf made at weaving camp (more later).  i added some beads to the bottom of it and hooked it on.  
two of gl's favorite things: "Avatar, the Last Airbender", and "Dr. Who".   i knew that the paint wouldn't last the week unless i put something over it but i didn't get around to it.  it's scratched up but remarkably intact.  she had an awesome week at camp by the way. 
a tunic i just finished.  it's based on a simplicity pattern and was supposed to be a dress but turns out i didn't have enough fabric.  that's what i get for being a cheapo.  the brown fabric was a remnant that i got for 75% off and the bottom is a sheet from Goodwill.  i'm thinking of this as a practice run.  i'm going to try to make the dress again with some pink fabric that i got from Rethreads. i'm pretty sure i have enough this time.  
it spins nice enough to delight any little girl. 
sold! (the hat, not the child)

i started this spiral hat on a train to chicago.  it's the perfect project for when you don't want to have to count or keep track of anything.  it's sized for an adult but looks cute on gl.  i think i might make her winter hat this size.  

so that's about it.  i have something on the loom right now but i hate it.  i tried to work on it yesterday.  i couldn't go for more than 20 minutes.  i hate it so much.  but if i take it off, that's such a waste.  right?  i can't waste...  can i?  please, someone give me permission.