Thursday, April 17, 2008


soren has a compact crib and it's been impossible to find sheets for it. i bought some queen size sheets from goodwill, washed them very well, and after one failed attempt managed to make a fitted sheet that fit his mattress. the formula was problematic but after tweaking it, i got it just right. now i should be able to whip up a couple more in just a matter of hours. one queen size sheet should give me 3 compact crib sheets. the formula for fitted sheets, in case you are wondering, is as follows:

L + (2xd) + (2xt) =L
W + (2xd) + (2xt) =W
t= tuck in + hem ( the tuck in is however much you want to go under the mattress. usually half the depth. hem should be at least a half inch.)

.once you do the math and have your sheet cut to size, you cut a square out of each corner ( i made my squares equal to my d +t. so in my case they were 5 inch squares.)
.with right sides together, pin and stitch the cut sides of your squares forming pockets.
. measure ( i used d +t here as well) 5 along each side of the corners and mark.
. stitch a .5 hem all around the hem leaving one inch openings at each of your marks.
. thread elastic through one gap, around the corner and out the other gap.
. pull the elastic taught so that it gathers the corners.
. stitch the gaps in the hem securing the end of the elastic into the stitches.
. trim off excess elastic.

i love this picture of soren. he never stops moving.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

knitted purse

finally finished this purse. knitted with a button closure and an over the shoulder strap. i really like the strap because it's nice and thick with just the right amount of stretch. it feels good to finish things. i should do it more often.