Sunday, September 25, 2011

Riverwest Art Walk

next weekend, saturday and sunday 12 - 5, is Riverwest's Art Walk and once again ABK Weaving Center is participating.  in previous years we have hosted a sale in a Board members back yard and while it's been fun, it's never been successful.  i mean as far as sales go.  so this year i proposed that we set up the yard as a weaving gallery space.  we will have different styles of weaving displayed as well as some different looms set up for demonstration and trial.  i'm kind of excited about it.  i've been planning out how to display everything and i think i've come up with a nice concept. hopefully i'll have pictures tomorrow.  part of being in the Art Walk is having some art represented at the Jazz Gallery on Center st.  i finished this weaving on friday and dropped it off at the gallery on saturday.  look for it on etsy sometime in november.

Butterfly Morning woven runner.  wool and cotton in shades of gold, yellow, and blue.  overshot "trellis" patterns.

"i found you in the corner
down there sitting on the sea
gonna trace your footsteps
underneath the waves
on the petals of a wild flower
with the sun high at noon
i want walks in butterfly mornings
and wild flower afternoons"  - hope sandoval

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bury the Hatchet woven runner

it's been a month or two but i'm finally getting back into the swing of weaving.  swing, tempo, groove, it really is about finding a  rhythm.  when i'm in it, things come easy and it doesn't matter if i just find 15 minutes a day to weave, those 15 minutes are incredibly productive.  when i'm out of the rhythm i can weave for 2 hours and get just a jumble of mistakes.  that's when it's not fun.  luckily, i and my loom are one, for now.  i finished a runner this week that i tied onto the last runner i did.  that means that it's the same pattern but different colors.  it was another color experimentation of mine.  i've learned something about myself.  i've learned that i'm not "into"  a lot of colors in one project.  i like simple color schemes.  so for the next project, which will be another tie on, i'm toning down the colors.  I'm tying all my knots tonight so i should have it done by friday evening.  look for it on the horizon.....

 oh, and i always name my pieces for whatever songs are going through my head at the time.  this one is named for the "Low"  song entitled "Hatchet".

"so you be my mary ann
 and i'll be your yoko
 and let's bury the hatchet like
 the Beatles
 the Beatles and the Stones". - Low