Wednesday, January 31, 2007


here's the piece i did for the eisner. it's not what i was originally planning but that's ok. i didn't have enough time or know-how to do what i really wanted to do. i'm semi-happy with it. i'm calling it "thoughts of you". it looked better after i mounted it but i forgot to take a picture of that. there were a couple more things i wanted to do to it but, honestly, i got bored. the mediums used are fiber and paper. the green is quilted and the images are sewn on. then i made the origami butterflies and umbrella so that they are 3 dimensional, sewn into place with invisible thread. that's that and i'm glad it's over with.

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K said...

That's beautiful! I would make it a purse or a totebag, and then I'd want to wear an asymetrical red dress and carry a silver umbrella whenever I used it.