Tuesday, May 5, 2009

for sale for sure

the abk weaving studio is having a fund raiser this week and i wanted to donate some stuff. after looking around the basement i found 2 purses, 3 scarves, and a tote. then i took a couple days and made these knitting bags as well. i ended up having to do a lot of the stitching by hand and it was surprisingly satisfying. the green bag was easier because i had already made a bag like it for my sis-in-law. only difference being i put pockets inside for knitting needles, and i spelled out the word "knit" on this one. anywho, i don't know if they'll sell but i wish them luck. if they don't sell i'll put them on etsy. i swear, i'm still going to start a store. it just got moved to the may list.


Anonymous said...

Yes. The green bag. It does say KNIT. I just saw the butterfly trails... SO perfect. Please tell me you still have it.

Dawn Hordyk

Heather said...

did you sell the top bag with the bird? it's perfect. it's so insanely perfect.

calypso said...

3:02 heather? get some sleep girl! i'll have to look for the bag. i'm really not sure. if i find it, do you want me to shove it in the envelope with the hat?