Sunday, October 11, 2009

$6 dollars or less quilt

it all started when i was invited to a baby shower back in June.  i didn't want to buy a gift because, well, i'm kind of cheap.  so i asked myself "what can i make?" and the answer came back "a quilt".  i grabbed some fabrics from my stash and then sat down to draw out a very basic, easy pattern.  the pattern that i came up with could've been completed in a day, maybe 2, but i am NOTORIOUS for being at least a couple months late on all my projects.  so, per my reputation, i got 95% done with the quilt and then stopped.  it has been sitting on  top of my loom (another unfinished project) for the last couple months.  i finally finished it this week.  it only took an additional 2 hours.  well, two hours and 3 months.  here's the thing, as simple as this quilt is, it's still one of my babies.  get me?  it cost me 6 dollars and maybe 9 hours to make.  it has flaws and it's not the prettiest thing i've ever created but that doesn't matter.  i have a feeling it won't be appreciated and that bugs me.  i have a fear of finding it at the Goodwill within the next couple months but i can't let that stop me from wrapping it up, planting a smile on my face and saying "congratulations" as i hand it over.  not everyone will appreciate the things i make.  not everyone will love them.  some will put my creations into storage bins,  shove them into the backs of closets, regift them at office Christmas party or yes, even give them to Goodwill.  i can't let that stop me.  it's not about how the recipient feels, it's about my attitude in the creating and giving.  that's all i can control.

Greenleaf designed the silly creature for me.  i said "draw me a silly creature."  and she did. 

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