Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Art Walk is over.   So what's next?

Ok, ok, wait a minute, first let me talk about Art Walk a little.  I can't remember if this is my 3rd or 4rth year participating in Art Walk but either way, it was the best year yet.  Even with all the different sport games going on, we had more visitors than in any of the previous years combined.  The weather probably helped a little with that but I'm going to give a lot of the credit to Susan Buss from the RAA .  She did a great job of publicizing the event and getting artists involved.  I'm already looking forward to next year and making plans for how to improve our display and make it more interactive.  Just a small little toot!  toot!  for us: we did win an award for our display.  A certificate and a $50 check to be exact.  How cool is that?  I will send a great, huge, massive THANK YOU!  out to all my volunteers.  They made this whole thing seamless.  XOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXO Ladies! 

 I did have a couple pieces displayed this year.  One piece was at the Jazz Gallery (I showed that in the previous post) and then I had a couple pieces up in the ABK display.  2 of them were older pieces but 1 was a new piece that I just finished the day before.  It's another runner done in the Rose and Star overshot pattern.  Didn't I say that I was never going to weave that pattern again?  I must have forgotten that.

 Here is my Butterfly Morning Woven Runner at the Jazz Gallery.  I like were they placed it.  

This is my Star and Rose Woven Runner. The warp is grey and the weft is a pale yellow.

So, next on my list is Warped Milwaukee.  The deadline is Oct. 31st and I'm really, really hopeful that I will not have to enter anything this year.  I just want to sit back and coordinate.  After that is Art vs. Craft at the end of November (as a seller this year) and Hovercraft a week after that. 

THIS WEEK though, this week I'm taking a break from weaving to work on some pillows.  That sounds.....restful.  


TinaKristina said...

yeah- i love seeing your work in a gallery! it looks great there, of course.

calypso said...

thanks K. it's fun seeing it up there.