Sunday, December 9, 2007

christmas presents

this project is totally fun and if i had a better attention span i'd be done with it by now. it's a "crazy" quilted runner done in reds, black, and gold. it's so much fun that i'm planning on making about two more after this one. a purple and gold one and a blue and gold one.
sold! (the scarf, not the family)
i finished this scarf last week but still need to tuck the ends. it's a new pattern that i never attempted but was really fun and easy. i don't have anyone in mind to give this to but i'm sure someone will come up. greenleaf had to get into the picture and i guess honey wanted in as well.
this is a patch work afghan that i'm working on. i need to finish two more panels and then sew them together. it will end up being the size of a throw. very colorful and warm. i'm looking forward to giving this gift. i need to hurry up though because i have a purse and a rug that i want to knit. i really shouldn't have more than three or four projects going at one time.
my loom is warped with enough material for at least 5 or 6 rugs. i'm working on a christmas rug right now. when i'm done with that i have a beautiful blue material to make a "river" pattern rug and then a bright, primary colored one. after that, who knows?

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