Monday, March 9, 2009

March to do list

because my attention span is short ( i no sooner start a project then i see something else i want to start) i've decided that i need to have defined goals for each month. by the time april rolls around these projects will be complete.

1. hat for heather (in beautiful blue) in beautiful green.
2. blanket for baby ethandone
3. turn gl's pants into skirts (2) done
4. camille purse
5. rug on loom's knitted tank top
7. etsy store
8. have decided on designs and bought material for nina's pillowsdone
9. repair purple

these are in no particular order.
i haven't decided what my punishment should be if they are not complete. something terrible.

1 comment:

one for sorrow, two for joy said...

please post pics of greenleaf's pants-into-skirts projects.
I'm very interested in this. I have changed a pair of jeans into skirts before, but I'm sure I could be doing a better job of it somehow..