Tuesday, March 31, 2009

march update

today is the last day of march and i have not completed my list. in fairness i have started and at least gotten halfway, on all items except the etsy store. i've gone back and forth on it and i've decided that because i did not decide on doing the list until march 9th (thereby wasting 9 days of march) i will give myself to the end of this week. is this cheating? yeah, probably. i'm not torn up about it though. i'll post and begin april's list on sunday. and now that i know myself a little better, it will be a shorter list then march's. with nina's pillows being priority #1.

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one for sorrow, two for joy said...

don't forget that I threw a couple aprons right smack dab in the middle of your list, and that was not your original plan. I'm sure that if I had not done that you would have completed the list with time to spare. Blame me. See everyone? it's all Nina's fault!!

I'm so excited about the pillows & the apron that I could burst. Those pillows will finally inspire me to clean our bedroom . I just know it.