Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"purple haze is in my brain....."

 i started the purple quilt today.  pulled up the purple stash from the basement and picked out my backing and my binding from the group.  i've been saving purple remnants for awhile, just for this quilt. 

 the size will be 35' x 45' with 5' squares.  i need 63 squares, a backing that is at least 2 inches bigger on each side and at least 160 inches of binding.  
i think i ended up with  more than 100 squares but some (like this green here) didn't make the final cut.

here it is all laid out on the kitchen table.  i swear, someday i will have a work surface that i do not share with food.  i like to take pictures of my projects and then look at them.  it gives a different perspective and sometimes you see things that you didn't see with your naked eye.  for example, i see that in row 4, 3 of the squares are the same material.  i'll have to change that.  otherwise, i think it looks good.  i was aiming for sweet and feminine.  i think i hit that mark. 

the math is done, binding cut (2.5' wide) and rows put into piles and labeled. 
tomorrow i start sewing.



jacqueline said...

My god Harmony, it's jacqueline...Dan&Steev's old friend from LakeG...can i say OMG your work is incredible i love it...where can i get one? Your purses and the owl pillow...:) YOU R AWESOME HARMONY! xoxox 2 the family jb

calypso said...

thanks jackie. you're sweet. i'm trying to be more consistent in my crafting. i need to be making at least one thing a week otherwise i feel like a loser. i'll start posting prices with things eventually. otherwise, if you ever see something you want just let me know.