Monday, April 12, 2010

gl's wardrobe

i finally finished this knitted skirt (pattern by 'barefoot knits') that i started last summer.  i'm lucky it still fits her.  who knew that i would be a little sick of this color by the time i was done?  luckily, when i took her shopping for summer material she didn't pick anything purple.  phew!

summer fabric that gl picked out. 

she surprised me by picking out this one.  i really like it.  it's going to make a beautiful breezy dress.

this was my choice.  i have a design in my head for it.  we'll see if i can translate it to fabric.

this one was also my choice.  i'm thinking a double layer skirt with a lace border.  the rest of it i plan on using in another quilt. 

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Kristina said...

geez louise, harmonie!

the best i can do creatively is find clothes at various thrift and consignment shops and mix them up so they don't look like they're from walmart. hey, that's fun, but i like-like-like everything you're making yourself. you're so clever.