Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the purple pain and more march madness

the purple baby quilt is done.  yes.  it is.  don't believe me? 

ok, well, maybe there are a few pins left in it.  it's 99.5% done in any case.  i decided that this will be my last machine sewn quilt.  until i can afford one of those fancy 3000 dollar sewing machines with the movable arm i will be hand sewing the rest of my quilts.  i realized just how huge this is while working on a quilt last night.  i had been sewing for about 45 minutes and i got (no joking) 12 inches?  i'll have to up the price on my quilts because of this.  i was thinking of asking $100 for this one.  is that too much?  should i go down to $85?  what do you think? 

here are a couple more pictures of items i worked on during my "march madness". 

sold (left)!  still hanging around and annoying me (right)!

tote bags.  i don't like either of them.  the one on the left i call the "floridian" because it reminds me of something tacky that you would get in Florida.  AND the stencil smeared which doesn't have anything to do with the name but just made me mad.  the one on the right is called "a very brady tote"  because of the 70's style material and colors.  i was really excited about it and then i put this record player stencil on it.  nobody who has seen it can tell what it is.  IT'S A RECORD PLAYER!  i put a price of 10 dollars on them and i think i would even go lower just to get rid of them.


yo-yo runner.  i'm in LOVE with this.  you can see in the pictures that there is a pin still in the side but i did finish sewing it.  i think i put a price of $50 on it because it's so cute.  this piece was made exclusively out of repurposed materials.  a shower curtain and some old pants were two of the main fabrics.   

the gnome runner.  to make up for the yo-yo runner this one was made mostly of new material.  what happened is that i found the middle material, which is this delightful mushroom and snail fabric, and the rest just grew from that.   large mushrooms and gnomes were the obvious choice.  

this is one of my little gnomes.  she's sleepy.  shhhhhhhhh....


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