Thursday, August 12, 2010

my so called woven life

finally finished the woven runner i had on the demonstration loom.  it's over 80 inches long, multi-colored warp and grey weft, bird's eye pattern with appliqued birds.

i will eventually put a back on it but for now i'm concentrating on finishing an art piece.  let me repeat that... AN ART PIECE!  i don't make art.  not usually.  i make practical, useful things to beautify my everyday workaday world.   however, the WPCA's member show is in a couple months and i've decided to enter something this year.  i've got 3 weeks to complete it. so far i've been averaging about 2 hours a night work time.  if i can keep that up i might actually finish it.  here's a tease:

 this is about 3 inches of the 22 x 22 finished project.  a very small part.  it's not even close to being done or looking like the final product.  i'll keep posting on it as i go. 


Anonymous said...

I would like this rug. Please let me know the price. 828.712.0972. I am in Asheville, NC. Thanks,Phillip Gibson

calypso said...

Thanks Phillip! This is actually a runner and not a rug. If you are interested in viewing additional photos I can put it up on my etsy site. It used to be on my site but for some reason it's not anymore. I'll work on getting it up in the next couple days.

calypso said...

turns out, this listing had expired. i just renewed it so here it is if you are interested: