Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tease #2

about 6 days left before i start working on backing it.  this week i've had to up my average hours from 2 a day to 4.  2 after the kids go to sleep and then 2 more spaced out during the day.  today for example, the kids were playing nicely outside and i was able to sit at the picnic table and work for a good solid hour.  now i'm going to put the boy down for a nap, do a little housework and then work for another hour.  is my housework suffering?  yes, of course it is.  when isn't it?  i'm not big on housework.  it's that thing that i do when i don't have any other choice.  like when my husband doesn't have any clean underwear or the stack of dishes by the sink is starting to stink.  or i have guests coming over.


kydroh said...

Can't wait for the final! Wonder what it could be?

Kristina said...

There's always something better to do than housework! Someone was telling me how spiderwebs are good for stopping bleeding and I said "yeah, awesome, I've got a first aid kit in EVERY corner of my house!"