Thursday, September 16, 2010

photo shoot of new winter hats

Soren's winter hat.  i have done this pattern at least a dozen times and i'll probably do it a dozen more.   it's so easy that i don't have to keep track of anything.  i can watch a movie or have a discussion while i knit.  i added the bobble this morning.  LOVE. a matching scarf will be forthcoming.

gl's hat done in the yarn she picked out last month.  i have a tiny bit left over so i'll probably make her some matching mitts.  i think she looks so much like her nana b. in this picture. 

he's always trying to escape.  it's a problem.


Kristina said...

Soren is the cutie-patootinest kid ever! Great hat, great dog, great kids, great photographer... you have magical fingers that bring all these pretty things into existence!

K said...

PS. Did you make Greenleaf's arm/wrist warmers too? I love those.