Friday, May 27, 2011

something special for the girl

i took a week off from working on "projects"  to make some clothes for gl.  i got this idea for a skirt combo in my head and it took longer to bring to fruition than i originally planned.  i wanted to make a dress and another skirt as well but it looks like i'm out of time.  they'll have to wait.  here's what i did complete.  thanks to Nina for the fabric which i found in the box of scraps she gave me.

 it all started out with a petticoat.  doesn't it always?  i saw a picture on etsy of a little girls petticoat that i absolutely fell in love with.  it was around $50.  why buy it when you can make it?  or, to be more exact, one similar to it.  it's the ruffly cream thing that you see peeking out at the bottom.

then i made the overskirt.  a striped black and cream piece that i finished with a ruffle at the hem, some gathering at the side seams, a corset tie in back, and ...

a hand sewn ruffle flower to embellish the front.

 i love the completed skirt but the best part is that she loves it too.

the petticoat can be worn with many different dresses and skirts.  LOVE!  LOVE!  LOVE!  (the skirt and the girl).


Anonymous said...

I like your new clothes your mom made for you. Your mom is a great clothes maker. <3 SuLe

TinaKristina said...

Best outfit ever. I love every bit of it! the petticoat, the skirt, the ribbon, the flower, the black, red and creaminess, the stripes, the arm thingies, the funny little pose... everything.

here's a project idea ('cause you might not have enough) - the pants version of petticoats. (i forget what they're called, but i keep seeing them in the different versions of Jane Eyre that Justin and I are working our way through.)

calypso said...

Sule, thank you so much. i'll give greenleaf your message.
k, i'm on it.