Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lindsey's wedding

I've been asked to make some headbands for a wedding.  Fun.  I love stuff like this.  This  is the practice headband.  I had to sew it up and rip it apart 3 times last night just trying to get the size of the flowers correct.  I still don't think they are quite right.  The bottom one needs to be a bit smaller and the top one needs to be a bit bigger.  I used (hey, i'm using caps!) some buttons that I had lying around for the centers but for the "real" ones, I'll go with some sort of pearl.  I think.  What do you think Nina?  Jessica?  Do you want to use the flower girl fabric or should I look for some different fabric? I can look for something a little dressier if you think these are too casual.   What about the black headband and the size of the flowers?  Is my assessment correct? 

Gl kind of has a tiny head so I took another picture using the neighbor girl.  She has a bigger head and she's a brunette.  So now you can see how the black looks with the darker hair.

Here is a picture of some buttons I bought today.  What do you think?

The pearl ones are what I was picturing when I was sewing them up.  The store I went to today didn't have just plain, larger pearl buttons but I could definitely find some, if that is what you want. 

Lastly, this is the two colors of green felt that I've been able to find.  Neither matches perfectly but neither is horrible either.  If you like the look of felt.  Ok.  I'll be waiting to hear what you think. 


TinaKristina said...

Well, I know they make me wish that headbands didn't give me headaches.

Not that this helps with your project...

calypso said...

me too! headbands totally give me headaches. i could very easily do these flowers as clips if they decide to go that route.