Tuesday, June 21, 2011

pipe cleaner bling bling

i was hunting around on the martha stewart website and i came across this awesome pipe cleaner ring   tuturial.  i was like "shut up".  really.  i was.  had you been standing here, in my home, you would have heard me exclaim "shut up".  after rummaging in the basement for 2 minutes, i came up with just enough pipe cleaners to make 1 ring.  5 minutes later it was done.  so cute and easy.  perfect for a little girls birthday party or craft party.  sorry about the fuzzy pictures.  it's storming out so i couldn't go outside where the good light is. 
so stinking cute!  i have to run out to the store tonight and i'm planning on picking up some thinner pipe cleaners in different colors.  gl and the neighbor girl are looking forward  to making these tomorrow. 

1 comment:

TinaKristina said...

definitely too stinkin' cute.