Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding Flowers Part Final

I was asked to make 5 headbands for the bridesmaids and 1 flower with a birdcage veil for the bride. 

It measures a little over 4 inches wide and is made entirely of organza.  There was a different button to use in the center but when I put it in it just didn't work.  It was too white or big or something.  It looked out of place.  I ended up sewing in some pearl beads.  It looked more fitting.  The next thing to tackle is the bird cage veil which will attach to the flower with a little pin so that it can be removed if desired.  I started experimenting a little this evening.  At first I used the veiling that the bride sent over but I have to admit, I don't like it.  It's very stiff and hard to form.  I tried some other tulle that I had lying about.

(Gl is just thrilled to be modeling for me.) This is a real light weight tulle in grey.  I cut it into a bandeau style that goes across the top of the head, in front of the eyes and then attaches on the other side with either a bobby pin or an invisible comb.  Gl's hair is really thin so you can see the bobby pin falling out already.
This Tulle is just a little bit heavier (in peach) and is sewn into a much larger piece that goes all the way around the head and falls slightly slanted across the face. 
5 headbands and 1 flower are being sent to the bride tomorrow.  I am also sending over some different veiling that I would like her to play with so we can figure out how to cut it and what weight to use.   This was fun to work on and I feel privileged to have been asked.  I'm greatly looking forward to the wedding.  I love when people in love get married.  What I love most is when it's not all about the ceremony but about the joy of binding your lives together.  People get caught up in making their weddings a big performance or a statement.  It should just be about JOY!  And joy is, at it's core, very simple. 


appleface said...

Love the peach with pearls... Beautiful work, beautiful you!

Lois said...

Joy is one of my favorite words :-)
I love it all especially the model!