Monday, August 8, 2011

Last weeks Projects

We had a  wedding to attend this past weekend so last week I had to finish two projects.  The first was a woven runner for the bride and groom. 

It's an overshot pattern (my personal favorite) in a blue/green/grey wool and the back ground threads are cotton that run through a range of colors from pale yellow to copper.  It didn't turn out as long as I hoped.  Something most have went awry in the math.  

The second project was to make a dress for gl to wear to the wedding using the leftover sheets from a previous rag rug.  

You don't even need a pattern for something like this.  It's made up of two rectangles sewn together on the sides with a thin elastic around the top and 4 thin straps that tie up on her shoulders.   To determine the size of the rectangle I just used the circumference of her chest for the width (24") and then I measured from under her armpit to where I wanted the dress to end (above the knees) and added an inch and a half for the hem.  The dress can be worn with or without the sash.  I like it without but she likes it with.  Then I added one of my flower pins to the top.  From start to finish: 2 hours. 


She can even bowl in it.

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TinaKristina said...

I love how much she obviously likes to wear the clothes you make for her. So, soooo cool!