Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a place to rest your head

So here I am, just sitting by the computer waiting for etsy to let me change my shop name......ho-hum, what to do?  I know!  I'll post about the pillows I just made.  I made some pillow covers.  Someone (I shall call her Buyer) sent me pictures of pillows and asked: "can you make these?" because she wanted them as a gift for a friend.  I answered "sure" without really thinking it through, because.....you know....that's how I roll.  Anywho, the one pillow was easy enough:

I used blue and pink thread to make the lines of a piece of writing paper and then hand embroidered the quote that Buyer chose.  It was fairly simple but I had to do it twice because the first white fabric that I chose was too thin and the embroidery started making little holes in it. The back is a brown linen type fabric sewn in an envelope style so it can be taken off and washed.  It's lined with a pretty bird fabric.  AND it pretty much looks exactly like the picture she sent.

The second pillow is this birds nest.  It looks nothing like the picture she sent.  The second pillow Buyer wanted actually had no image on it, just words.  I tried.  It looked bad.  So I scraped the whole thing and did this with the hopes that she would approve.  I stuck to the appropriate theme: Nest.   It was also done in the envelope style, with the brown linen back and bird lining. Luckily, she liked it.

So that's what I've been up to.  I should probably check back with etsy now.  Before I leave though:   Brussel Sprouts?  Yeah or Nay?

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mylifespalette said...

you far exceeded my expectations yet again. they are perfect and my friend was delighted to receive them <3