Monday, January 5, 2009

christmas quilt '08

quilt for baby noah that i actually started before he was born but didn't finish until this christmas. the top picture shows the front of the quilt and the bottom picture shows the skull applique and some of the back. i used 4 or 5 larger blocks for the back instead of just one piece. i really like that trend. i'm happy with how this turned out except for the edges. i ran out of suitable material and ended up having to buy some quilt binding and then to top it off my sewing machine's tension started going wack. i need both my machines tuned up. soon. anyway, it's done and out of my house. huzzah! maybe i'll finally finish soren's. nah. i got a couple years.


Kristina said...

Lucky baby- he's got good taste. You should sell your stuff everywhere, 'cause I'm sure there are lots more people who don't want their babies decorated just with pink bunnies and yellow duckies.

one for sorrow, two for joy said...

this is the best little boy quilt ever!
I was so tempted to buy Violet some little scull leg warmers the other day (yes they were "boys") but I couldn't do it. They were made in china and they were 10 bucks. boo!