Monday, January 5, 2009

christmas bags '08

i bought this awesome green fabric with raised velvety leaves off a clearance rack and the butterflies i cut off another scrap piece. after i stitched on the butterflies i then stitched flight patterns. the lining fabric is also a lovely flowered scrap piece. i need to take better pictures.

this one was for my mom-in-law. i love those felt flowers. quick to stitch up and they add such a nice flair. i made my sister a similar one with a flower, different material, but forgot to take a picture.

this bag i made for finny boy. i drew up the font myself and i'm a little proud of it. every letter is a silly creature. you probably can't tell. take my word for it. i figured he could use it for the library or sleepovers. whatev.

this bag was for cindy. my dad told me her favorite color is pink. i couldn't do a completely pink bag so i lined it with a pink flowered cotton and cut out some of the flowers to stitch on the front. i also used pink thread to stitch across some of the pin stripping on the navy. i thought it was a nice touch.

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