Monday, January 5, 2009

christmas '08

what a busy hol! as usual i waited until the absolute last second to get started. pretty much everything was done on time. hip hip. but not without a great deal of break outs and gallons of breyers ice cream. chocolate mint. only one all-nighter was necessary. i have one more bag to finish this week and i've already started a new knitting project and have a new rug on the loom. the baby has been sick since last tuesday so getting anything done has been a bit difficult. that's alright, i think i needed a little break.

above are pillows i made for steev/jess and ben/kate. i tried to fit their individual tastes but i don't know if i achieved that or not. you can only try. ben and kate's are the skull and frogs laid out for dissecting. kate said "oh i love the dancing frogs." i was like "yeah, they're dancing. that's what they're doing." i would hate to disappoint.

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one for sorrow, two for joy said...

"frogs laid out for dissecting" lol (for real)
Jessica & steev's pillows- I fell in love with as soon as I saw them.