Monday, February 1, 2010


so i have this friend named Nina and she's beautiful and very talented.  Nina has a son, named Malachi, who is also beautiful and talented.  recently they were featured in an article on  read it.  anyway, here's the thing, i really admire Nina's paintings but every time i see one my brain can't help but turn it into fiber art. when i saw the painting "you belong" that Nina and Malachi painted together my head nearly exploded.   i was like "'s got to....where are my.....".  the next thing i knew my previously clean kitchen was once more filled with piles of scrap material. 

"you belong" by Nina and Malachi

dear Nina and Malachi, thank you for your wonderful painting.  i stole a little of it for my own selfish pleasure.  i am sorry.  i couldn't help myself.  it was always intended for you, if that makes my crime more excusable.  i will send it via steev and jess.  love, harmonie

pillow for Nina and Malachi

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one for sorrow, two for joy said...

sometimes before bed Malachi says to me " can I look at the pillow for a little bit?"
and he holds it and studies it in wonderment <3