Friday, February 5, 2010

new life for childhood artifacts

it's february.  have you noticed?  and i have a brand new list of things to create.  this week i was able to cross off two items.  the first was to refashion an old dress of mine into a play dress for gl.  the dress is a purple velvet affair that i bought for 13 dollars in 1994.  i wore it to a college christmas banquet  that i attended with my then boyfriend (now husband), dan.  i can't even began to explain how much i loved this dress.  i felt like a complete princess in it.  i felt beautiful.  come to find out, a few years after, that dan hated that dress.  hated the way i looked in it.  press pin to bubble. POP !  so anyway, i packed it away in a box and have only recently pulled it out to cut down for my daughter. 

 i left a long train on the back but if she let me cut that off she could where this dress out and about.  it looks really cute on her.  

oh!  and she got a hair cut.  she wanted a mohawk or a shaved head but her father said "no"!  personally, i think she'd look cute in a mohawk.  maybe when she's 8. 

next on my list was some new curtains for gl's bedroom.  i had made her old ones out of a plain white sheet that i had found at goodwill and then sewn butterflies on.  they are old and grungy.  out with the old and in with the.....really old?  in my stash (which takes up a lot of my basement) i found the curtains that my mother had made for my bedroom when i was in high school. my bedroom was yellow.  guess what?  so is gl's!  all i had to do was wash them and cut them down a little and VOILA! 

it's kismet!

so let this be a lesson to YOU gentle readers!  do not be quick to throw out good material,  for you never know when or where it will come in handy.  OR, you could  just give it to me.  

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