Friday, February 12, 2010

by a thread

it's that time of year again, when the The Eisner  hosts it's annual "I Love the Eisner" fund raising event.   this year the advertising museum is throwing a Masquerade Ball which will include lots of good food, music and the traditional silent auction of it's "250 Square Feet of Art".  i have to say that whoever came up with this idea is a genius.  the Eisner invites local artists to pick up a 12' x 12' wooden board from the museum and then do whatever they want to it.  once it's done, it's returned and sold in a silent auction to raise money for the museum.  this works on a couple different levels.  firstly, it allows artists to test themselves and get some free exposure and secondly, it gives patrons the opportunity to purchase one of kind art work at affordable prices.  maybe even from an up and coming.......

this year i decided to create a piece on behalf of  the ABK Weaving Center.

 this is what the board looks like when you first pick it up.

i had a general idea of what i wanted to do.  with a handful of forgotten samplers from the studio, and a couple from my basement, i set out to make a small piece of patchwork.  

i knew that i wanted to create at least one general shape out of the grouping.  i found a tree.  sure, it was the easy way out but i only had 3 days to complete it (due to other responsibilities) and whatever i did needed to be quick.
now the real work begins.

more flowers

even more flowers, cheeries on the tree and a frog that i was unsure about but which gl insisted " had to be there" (can't argue with a 7 year old)

a river, with fish, and a small vegetable garden

sun and clouds

a couple more little additions and it was done.  i nailed it to the board with small finishing nails and then wrapped it with gold wire.

i'll be at the ball on the 19th taking pictures.  come on out and buy some art.  i know i will be.   maybe i'll see you there. 

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Kristina said...

Oh my... you are a beautiful genius. I want to be at the ball!